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Lucy Price Playground

The Parish Council has identified 26 pieces of play equipment that we think would be good for our Playground.

We can’t afford them all, so we need your help deciding on the 6 or 7 pieces we use to build a timber fitness trail.


The following links lead to pictures of the sort of equipment we are considering. They are also available as hard copies in a folder in the Village Shop.


Please have a look, pick your favourites from each category and let us know your choices by ticking the hard copy in the shop or by emailing the reference numbers to


The more people who show an interest, the easier it should be to obtain funding.

This is not limited to Baginton residents. If you use the Playground, then please vote.


Balance and Coordination

Climb and Scramble

Hang and Strength

Traverse and Crossing

Course Styles

N.B. The purchase of inclusive play equipment for less able children is also being investigated separately and we will be seeking specialist advice for these.

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