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St John the Baptist Church

Directory of Information

The Directory of Information contains information and contact details of people, businesses and services in the area, including telephone numbers of various regional and national organisations that can be useful in an emergency. Most of the entries have Hyperlinks to webpages that will allow you to view additional information relating to the specific item listed



There are two public access automated external defibrillators in Baginton at the following locations: -

Baginton Village Hall, Frances Road, CV8 3AB

The Oak public house, Coventry Road, CV8 3AU

The instruction sheet provided with the AEDs shows how they are used in an emergency.

Latest News


We have launched this mobile friendly website and hope we have found all the bugs. However, if you come across a link that does not work or something else that needs correcting, we would appreciate it if you let us know using the contact form.



The latest national news on Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found on the Government website and the Public Health England website 

​Refuse Collection Changes for Christmas

Over Christmas, the day for your refuse collection will change. This will mean that: -

If your collection is usually on a Monday: - Your Grey bin will be emptied on Saturday 19th December

If your collection is usually on a Tuesday: - Your Grey bin will be emptied on Monday 21st December

Please ensure your bin is presented at the edge of your property by 7am on the collection day.


Your Recycling will be collected on your normal day.

Recycle wrapping paper and Christmas cards with your cardboard. You cannot recycle foil wrapping paper, glittery wrapping paper, glittery cards, ribbons, bows and tape.

Put extra recycling in a sturdy bag or small box (please keep each material separate) and place beside your red boxes and bags.

Please flatten or cut large cardboard into pieces no larger than 1m x 1m.

Please cut your real Christmas tree into pieces and put it in your green bin for collection throughout January 2021. Make sure all decorations, tree stands, pots and netting are removed.


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