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If you have to arrange a funeral, you have a number of choices, which a Funeral Director will put before you. If you decide that you would like a Christian minister to preside at the funeral, you may want to ask for a funeral in church or at a crematorium or cemetery, or a funeral beginning in church and ending with a committal at a crematorium or cemetery. The service in church allows you more time and you may wish to consider that.

If you or the person who has died is not a member of the Church of England, it is possible to have a Christian minister of a different denomination to preside at the service even if is held in church.

When we are notified of a funeral, we will meet you to discuss your needs and to offer you support in your bereavement. It is helpful to both you and to us if we can be contacted as soon as possible, before the date and time are fixed.

Memorial Services
If you wish, a memorial service can be arranged to take place on a different day from the funeral, or on the anniversary of a person’s death, or at any time you feel may be suitable.

Burial in the Churchyard
All of our three churches have what is called “open” churchyards. This means that, if someone dies who is resident in one of the parishes at the time of their death, their body may be buried in the churchyard. This right extends to people who are not Christians, and also applies to cremated remains.

Ashes may not be scattered in the churchyard.

Memorials in the Churchyard
Before you decide to place a memorial in one of the churchyards – a plaque, headstone or vase – you must supply the Rector with a specification. This will usually be done by the stonemason you have engaged, but the Rector is happy to have a preliminary discussion with you before you see the stonemason. The Rector is allowed to approve only certain types of stone, shapes and sizes of memorial and colours of lettering, and is not permitted to allow any design or picture on the stone other than a small plain cross.

If you want something outside the limits of what the Rector may allow, then it is possible to apply to the chief legal officer of Coventry Diocese – the Chancellor – for permission.  People have been successful in the past, but please note that there is no guarantee that the Chancellor will approve your application.

Contact Details for the church: -

Churchwardens – Dawn Richardson 024 7630 2667 and Catherine Weston 024 7767 6157

Please note that the church cannot be contacted using the contact form on this website.

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